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Our Story

Our mission is to provide truly clean, quality skincare that brings us back to the basics on an elevated level. We take great care in honoring every ingredient and process that goes into our products while keeping the health of your skin and our planet our primary focus.


The inspiration behind Paca Botánica began upon learning that the Aztecs would agitate the saponin-rich roots of the Amolli plant to bathe in the river. This process of cleansing their skin with their native plant was what incited our founder to create the plant-based, botanical-rich soap you see today. 


We hope you feel the love and care that has been poured into every single bar and would like to thank you for letting us be part of your routine.


"Down to the smallest detail, Paca is a passion project. A celebration of the land my family comes from and the land I always long to connect with on a deeper level. A tangible love letter to Mexico, the richness of my culture, and the joy that comes with sharing even a small part of it with the world."

- Sarah, Founder of Paca Botánica


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